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How to use:-

Product Information
Mini Ovulation Microscope Instruction.

1. Remove lens housing.
2. Carefully remove the optical lens by pulling if away from the inner casing.
3. Place a drop of Saliva on the lens and let it dry completely (5-10 minutes). Make sure there are no air bubbles in the sample.
4. Replace the lens housing into the tube, press the light button on the bottom and look at the result.
5. Clear the optical lens after use.

Reading your results.

Fig.1 Infertile period or no ovulations
Dot like patterns, you are not ovulating. Highly unlikely that you may become pregnant.

Fig. 2 Transitory period or some ovulation
Some fern like crystals, little chance of becoming pregnant. Ovulation will most probably occur within 3 to 4 days.
Fig. 3 Fertile period or Ovulations
Ferns like patterns, ovulation is occurring you are highly likely to conceive during this period.
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