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Fertility Scope FAQ's:-

FAQ-1: Why is fertility scope called an ovulation microscope ?
A. Fertility scope is called an ovulation microscope because it uses an optical lens,
an eye piece a slide to view the saliva specimen. It helps women to track their ovulation cycle.

FAQ-2:  How is Fertility Scope different than a laboratory microscope?
It is a compact size ovulation microscope which incorporates the advanced optics & magnification power of a laboratory microscope. Yet it is discreet, compact in size & can be carried anywhere.

FAQ-3: What is the best time to use fertility scope for accurate results?
You can use it any time of the day. But it is recommended that it should be used before you have any food, drink (except water), brush your teeth or even smoke for optimum results. There should be a gap of at least 2-3 hours? You can ideally use it every morning before you brush your teeth.

FAQ-4: Can I carry it my handbag or purse?
Yes, it is extremely compact in size. Both the lens and slide are properly encased and sealed, to protect it from any damage during transit.

FAQ-5:  Is fertility scope accurate?
Yes, it can give results up to 98% accuracy if used correctly & continuously and over a period of 90 days, following all the instructions. 

FAQ-6: What are the factors, which can affect the accuracy of fertility scope?
Eating, drinking (except water), brushing of teeth, even smoking before taking the results can affect the accuracy. A gap of 2-3 hours is recommended for taking the best results.
Any kind of infection, swelling of throat or medication can also affect the accuracy of the results. Any residue of food or alcohol can also impact results.